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    Dictionaries - This site has links to a number of other resources as well as a variety of dictionaries.
    Online Dictionaries and Translators - This site has a number of multilingual dictionaries as well as
    translators from one language to another.  
    Merriam Webster - One of our favorites.  It "talks" to us.    
    Multilingual Dictionary - This site translates eight different languages.
    Webopedia - An online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology.

    Online Encyclopedias - Barbara J. Feldman's recommendations for "trustworthy (and free)" online
    Smithsonian - Answers to frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian and links to Smithsonian
    The Encyclopedia Mythica - This site is an encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legends.

    ABYZ News Links - This site provides links to more than 17,400 newspapers and other news sources
    from around the word.       
    Canisteo Valley News - News, weather and broadcasting serving the greater Canisteo Valley
    Corning Leader - Digital edition of this Corning, New York newspaper.  
    Courier - Digital edition of the Bath weekly newspaper.    
    Democrat and Chronicle - Digital edition of this Rochester, New York newspaper.        
    Elmira Star Gazette - Digital edition of this Elmira, New York newspaper.      
    Evening Tribune - Digital edition of this Hornell, New York newspaper.          
    Family Life Network - Local Christian Radio Station
    Information Please - Digital edition of the almanac.       
    National Geographic - Digital edition of the magazine..       
    Online Newspapers - This site provides access to newspapers from the United States and around the
    Smithsonian - Digital edition of the magazine.      
    The New York Times - This site includes the daily contents of the newspaper and breaking news 
    The News Web site - This site provides a partnership between educators and local newspapers.        
    USA Today - Digital edition of this national newspaper.       
    WETM TV - Digital information from a television channel in Elmira, New York
    WVIN - Local radio station

Other Resources        
    CIA World Factbook - Comprehensive information on countries of the world.       
    CNN Interactive - Digital edition of the television station.      
    First Gov - The gateway to all government information
    Genealogy - A good resource for genealogy research.       
    Law Help NY - This is collaborative effort across New York State legal aid offices.
    Legal Information Institute - A not-for-profit group at Cornell University Law School "that believes everyone should be able to read and understand the
    laws that govern them, without cost."
    MSNBC - Digital edition of the television station.       
    NYNY - This site, created by David Minor, is a series of timelines covering New York City and State, 
    from approximately 1,100,000,000 BC to 1991 AD.
    People and Business Locators
        White Pages  
        Yellow Pages
        Switch Board    
    Reference Desk - Access to current reference resources.
    Tools of History - Online access to the cultural heritage of South Central New York State provided by the South Central Regional Library Council.
    Social Security - Official Website of the U. S. Social Security Administration.         
    U.S. Census Bureau (Population Division) - Watch a Website counter as it displays ever growing
    population statistics for the U. S. and the world.       
    Weather - Check the weather in your home town or around the country.   
    Zillow - Find real estate values throughout the country.  Includes satellite pictures.
    Zip Codes - United States Postal Service Website.

Search Engines                                        - Good for broad, general searches.
- Good for broad, general searches.
   Dogpile Dogpile is one of the easiest ways to find better results from more of the Web.
Google - Good for broad, general searches.
    InfoSeek - Very good for specific searching.   
    Lycos - The best of the free search engines for broad, general subject searching.  
    Mama -  A new favorite this metasearch engine simultaneously searches a variety of engines.
    Searchopolis - Has a "fast find" index of selected subject areas.  
    Webcrawler - Search results ranked in order of frequency of the given search term in the document.      
    YAHOO - Always a useful place to start on broad, general subject searching.